Ostrich Wing Awning (Grey canvas)


A rugged “must have” product for your expedition. Price excludes the fitting kit.


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A rugged “must have” product for your expedition. Price excludes the fitting kit (see below for options).

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Made from 320gsm rip-block canvas supported by a number of aluminium frames, this product will provide you with 11sqm of shade in less than 30 seconds. It only takes one person to open it up and it can be used without support poles. This version is standard with a BLACK canvas bag.

The aluminium frames are built from purpose made extrusions, constructed in a “truss” design and pivoted on nylon bushes to provide unmatched sturdiness.

Available in a LHS and RHS configuration – please select at checkout. (Remember – for motor vehicles, LHS is always as viewed from inside the vehicle looking forward)

Side panels and additional support poles are available. Panels can be bought in a kit or separately. The panel kit consists of 1 x “door” panel, 1 x “window” panel and 2 x “plain” panels. Panels attach to the main awning with a Vislon zip and can be fitted in any position.

An LED light kit is also available to fit to the frame.

In conditions of mild wind, this product is suitable to be used without any down-pole support. However, should the wind become gusty additional precautions should be taken (deploy the single pole provided, fit an optional further 2 poles, tie the frame down using the eyelets provided). Should poor conditions prevail then it is best to be safe and pack the awning away. DO NOT go to bed and leave the awning open un-anchored as weather conditions can change very quickly.

Also available in Olive Green Canvas

For the various fitting kits:

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 270 × 23 × 22 cm
Mounting side

LHS Mount, RHS Mount


Fitted weight: 26kg

Area under shade: 11 sqm

Canvas: 320gsm rip-block, UV Resistant and Rot proof



OWA Standard fitting kit Open
OWA Stop Open
OWA Service your awning Open


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