Are you the same company as African Outback? 

We are not the same company. African Outback was put into liquidation in 2013 and Big Country 4×4 bought all the assets. Consequently, many of the previous African Outback products are now manufactured and supplied by Big Country 4×4. 

When can a roofrack from one vehicle be used on another vehicle? 

All Big Country products and made to suit specific vehicles. Generally, a roofrack can be transferred provided it is shorter and wider than the ideal size. 

Does Big Country drill into the vehicle to fit a drawer system? 

For drawer systems into SUV’s, we do not drill. Each drawer is supplied with a specific bracket set designed to pick up on existing holes 

For drawer systems into LDVs, we generally drill 4 holes through the load body floor. These holes are then fully sealed upon fitment of the drawer. 

Where are Big Country 4×4 products manufactured? 

All Big Country products are produced in South Africa. 

Can I go to the factory in Waltloo to view products? 

No, the factory is purely a production facility and does not cater for customer visits, however should you have a specific requirement, an appointment can be arranged. 

How can I apply to become a Big Country 4×4 stockist? 

For distribution queries, please click here to send us a message and we will send you an application form. 

How do I get assistance for my online order? 

The best way to submit a query for your online order is to email us with as much information including your invoice number, waybill number, and full description of your query to [email protected] 

How do I contact you and what are your call centre hours? 

Call us on 011- 795 9700 0r Send us a WhatsApp message on ????? or email us on [email protected] during our trading hours listed below: 

Mon-Thursday: 07h30 16h00 
Fridays:07h30 – 14h00 
Weekends & Public Holidays: Closed. 

Will my Frontrunner Roofrack Accessories fit onto a Big Country Rack? 

Yes, both roofrack designs have a 50mm high side rail and so the accessories designed to attach to the side of the rack will fit on a Big Country rack. 

Both roofrack designs also use an M8 nut slot on the floorplanks and so the accessories designed to attach to the top of the rack will fit on a Big Country rack