Big Country Drawer Systems

At Big Country 4×4 we believe that the best drawer system is one that is designed with durability, functionality, ease of use and available vehicle space in mind. That is why all of our Drawer Systems are vehicle specific. Combine this with our passion for overlanding and you won’t be surprised to find that in most cases, our drawer systems outlast our customers vehicles.
We manufacture two drawer systems ranges, “Savute Drawers” and “Zambezi Drawers”.

Savute Drawers

Big Country’s Savute Drawer Systems were first introduced by our origin company “African Outback” in 2005. The overall design and standard features of these drawers have stood the test of time, and remain one of the strongest competitors in build quality known to avid overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts around the world.

Our Savute Range covers almost all the popular overlanding SUV’s and are available in four different configurations (Twin, Single, Combo and Single + FSP). Configuration availability is vehicle dependant as not all SUVs are compatible with all four configurations.

Standard features include:

  • Designed for use in SUV’s
  • Made to fit the vehicle specifically
  • Mounting kit designed to use existing mounting points (No drilling)
  • Stainless-steel, heavy-duty sliders
  • Drawers slide out their full length
  • Supplied with dividers for optimum packing efficiency
  • Lower profile design to maximise vertical packing space
  • Powder coated mild steel face and trim plates
  • Carpeted inside and on top

Zambezi Drawers

Our Zambezi Range caters for pick up’s. This hardy design has been going strong since 2005 and has only required small cosmetic upgrades over the past eighteen years.

These updates include:

  • The drawers now come with a black, powder coated face.
  • The slide out platform has been removed.
  • The carpeted wood top has a removable section to house a fridge inside the left-hand side drawer when needed. Supplied standard with strapping points for the fridge.
  • New optional extra, a cage to surround the fridge space. This will elevate the removable section of the carpeted wood top and customers can still utilise the packing space on top of the drawers without the risk of items falling into the open space around the fridge.

Standard features include:

  • Designed for Pick Up’s
  • The drawers run on heavy duty, sealed roller baring’s
  • Drawers are good for loads of 200kg’s per drawer
  • Designed specifically for each vehicle make and model
  • Carpeted inside and on top

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