Savute Drawer – Prado90



A very simple product to install. This drawer is designed to fit onto the loadbay floor with specially made brackets using existing holes – no drilling!

The side panels simply wedge into place and can be lifted to access a useful storage area around your wheelarches

The fridge slider is optional bolt-on extra (shown here with a 60ltr National Luna).

This drawer can also be configured to accommodate an Auxiliary battery

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 103 × 97 × 27 cm


Uses Heavy Duty telescopic sliders allowing the drawer to open out all the way. The sliders can handle up to 116kg per pair at 60% travel – you will have to try very hard to overload this drawer. The drawer is also fully lockable.

Is supplied complete with 2 x drop-in boxes, 2 x wedge-in dividers and a tip-up / removable work surface

Overall sizes: Overall Height = 290mm, Overall length = 960mm, Tub width = 922mm
Drawer internal packing sizes: height = 200mm, Length = 940mm, Width = 420mm


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