Savute Drawer – LC200GX Single with deck for fridge


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A neat and affordable solution for the customer who wants a large fridge but who also uses the vehicle on an everyday basis. It bolts down using specifically designed brackets onto existing threaded holes in the loadbay (no drilling!!).

This unit comprises a single drawer and a carpeted wooden platform (1100×560) alongside onto which a 80ltr fridge slider can be attached. When the off-roading camping trip is over, simply unbolt the fridge slider and the loadbay becomes useable for everyday jobs.
On the left hand side of the drawer is a removable side panel for access to the toolbox and for extra packing space.
The advertised price does not include a fridge slider


Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 100 × 110 × 27 cm


Uses Heavy Duty telescopic sliders allowing the drawer to open out all the way. The sliders can handle up to 116kg per pair at 60% travel – you will have to try very hard to overload this drawer. The drawer is also fully lockable.

Drawer internal packing sizes: height = 220mm, Length = 1057mm, Width = 420mm

Carpeted deck size (beneath the fridge slider) = 1100 x 560mm


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