Savute Drawer – Disco 1



A very sturdy and robust drawer system which fits beautifully in the loadbay.

Carpeted inside and on the top deck.

The side panels simply wedge into place and can be lifted to access a useful storage area around your wheelarches.

Supplied with:

  • A flip up work surface
  • A movable divider in each drawer
  • A drawer tray in each drawer


Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 71 × 110 × 27 cm


Uses Heavy Duty telescopic sliders allowing the drawer to open out all the way. The sliders can handle up to 116kg per pair at 60% travel – you will have to try very hard to overload this drawer. The drawer is also fully lockable.

Is supplied complete with 2 x drop-in boxes, 2 x wedge-in dividers and a tip-up / removable work surface

Overall sizes: Overall Height = 270mm, Overall length = 715mm, Tub width = 1010mm
Drawer internal packing sizes: height = 200mm, Length = 690mm, Width = 463mm


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